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The Power of Good Advice

Reduce Taxes  •  Invest Smarter  •  Retire with Confidence

Here you will find our no cost, no obligation process for showing you exactly how we can help make your retirement a success.
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If you’re retired (or close to it), our retirement readiness evaluation process will provide you with answers to four critical questions: 

  • Will you run out of money in retirement? 

  • Are you overpaying your taxes?

  • Is your portfolio suitable for retirement?

  • Can you reduce or eliminate threats to your retirement?

To see exactly what our no cost, no obligation evaluation process is, visit the Our Process page on our website by clicking here.

Ryan J. Janus, CFP®

Ryan is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who has spent years specializing in tax and retirement planning. Ryan’s focus is always on building efficient and results driven relationships through a holistic, personalized approach that brings all the pieces of your financial life together.


The Rest of Your Team

We serve as our client’s financial concierge where they can direct any and all financial questions. If we don’t know the answer and/or we need to bring in other experts, we will carefully coordinate and collaborate with other professionals such as accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, bankers, etc.


If this sounds like a team with whom you would enjoy working, read our commitment to always acting in your best interest.

Choosing the right financial advisor can be one of your most important decisions in retirement. We believe that before you pay someone a dollar in fees or trust them with a penny of your nest egg, they need to demonstrate exactly how they will deliver value to your retirement.
The first step in this process is a 15-minute initial call to answer your questions, to see if we are potentially a good fit for each other, and to explain in greater detail our process for helping you evaluate our firm.

To schedule this call with one of our advisors, please CLICK HERE.

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